Revolutionizing building management with state-of-the-art, highly customizable Wireless Building Automation Solutions

Conserve Energy

We believe that to control something it needs to be measured and monitored. The same goes for energy spends, efficiency and performance of utility systems and building assets. Our transformational building management solutions are built using a combination of our proprietary algorithms, wireless technology and futuristic technologies such as wireless sensors, cloud computing, a centralized IoT platform, predictive analytics and AI-ML. power-packed features of our technology solutions use real-time, accurate insights to centrally monitor energy consumption patterns to effectively regulate and control the energy spend. You can save Minimum 8-10% of energy spends, by leveraging features like over-riding of manual operations, on-off scheduling, automatic switch off, etc. You can effectively reduce the carbon footprint and promote a greener and more sustainable environment.

Enhance Asset Life

The centralized monitoring enabled by Aunoa’s cutting-edge building management technology, Wireless Platform and holistic Dashboard, allows you to Receive real-time and accurate reports, insights, triggers and alerts.

  • Understand the functioning and performance
  • of different building assets and systems
  • Make internal comparisons/ benchmark
  • against industry standards.

The multiple features of our solution will result in enhancement of productivity, performance and longevity of the building assets by effectively predicting equipment breakdowns and mitigate risks associated with malfunctioning of equipment’s. For instance, triggers on gas leaks, smoke, poor performance or repairs will enable the maintenance staff to make timely intervention to prevent further escalation of the problem. Our solutions not only help to enhance the asset life, but also in optimising the capital expenditure on refurbishment/replacement of assets.

Remote Management

Aunoa Solutions do not require software installations; they are web- and cloud-based solutions that can be integrated with any app, software or platform and offer the Dashboard as a default offering for centralized monitoring. Being cloud-based, easy-to-install solutions, they are easily scalable for your growing business.

Upgrade Legacy

Aunoa’s next-gen wireless automation technology solutions transform and revolutionize the way the organisations manage today, the building assets and utility systems. Our state-of-the-art solutions are scalable and highly customizable, and can be applied to a wide range of building assets and utility equipment’s, be it -generators, lifts, HVAC, exhausts, chillers, energy, water, firefighting, air handling and much more. Unlike the conventional building management systems which are resource- driven, use legacy technologies and require heavy physical installations, Aunoa solutions can be retro-fitted and are much easier to install and manage.

Secure Data

Aunoa Solutions ensure complete security and integrity of the data captured from various building assets through wireless technology. The software application has inbuilt multiple level security features to ensure secure access and complete confidentiality of the data compliant with regulatory compliance’s.

Analyze Performance

Our futuristic analytics platform enables you to analyze the performance of the utility systems and assets in your building. Various reports available in the software, can help you to identify the root causes of asset breakdowns and poor asset performance or high energy consumption, which in turn can be used as a key input to take corrective actions to improve the asset’s performance and optimise energy consumption.