Our Vision

We envision a greener, more sustainable present and future…

Inefficient building asset management, legacy technologies and archaic electric utility business models are not just increasing the bills for businesses and shortening the lifespan of building assets and systems but are also causing environmental damage at a profound rate and accelerated pace. Aunoa works with the vision of greener buildings/ facilities and elevating their sustainability quotients by leveraging futuristic technologies and making the entire process predictive and least wasteful.

Our Mission

To continuously rethink and redesign the way building/facilities management happens to ensure that the process is intelligent, transparent, predictive, strategic and efficient. We link the numerous apps, buildings assets and systems and concerned people to eliminate gaps and inefficiencies that arise from broken communication and information silos.

To deliver client satisfaction through quality services, affordable solutions, seamless experiences and custom design based on the unique needs and context of each client.