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Aunoa’s solution for retail spaces helps in optimizing energy consumption – by about 10% – 15%, maintaining temperature compliance and asset health, and facilitating digital workflows. The major advantage is the ability for business owners / managers to keep tab the facility remotely! Aunoa addresses multiple formats of retail- large formats like Hypermarket and Medium/Small formats like QSR, high street apparel, Pharmacy, etc.

Come, take control of your building today!

Aunoa with its Wireless Integrated BMS helps commercial buildings and offices in curbing energy losses, improving compliances, and automating asset management for building managers. It helps achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

The Aunoa Difference

Smart and centrally monitored energy usage

Enhanced comfort for occupants due to compliance in temperature and humidity

Predictive Maintenance driven by advanced AI/ML algorithm

All assets are managed centrally through the cloud

Automated digital ticketing system for closing issues efficiently

Automated switching operation of signages, temperature compliance of perishable items storage, etc.


Energy expenditure reduced up to 15%

Food Safety Compliance upgraded hugely – upto 60%

Comfort of visitors and occupants enhanced by 30%

Assets controlled on the basis of occupancy rates

Equipment breakdown minimized up to 30%

User-friendly, centralized dashboard to help monitor and control facility

Case Studies

Fine dining

A “Fine Dine” a Buffet Restaurant chain Brand


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