Aunoa Solutions Pvt Ltd, an Absotherm Group Company, was established to develop and deploy smart building automation solutions. It is the fruit of passion and visionary leadership of Pradip Menon, who used his 3 decades of experience in Engineering, Technology and Facilities Management, to address the growing needs of the market and provide smart building solutions. The company crafts cost effective solutions that enable the building of a sustainable green environment.

The customers frequently complain that the traditional Building Management systems are expensive to procure, cumbersome to install and deploy, manpower intensive to manage, frequent breakdowns, high utility bills and no tangible benefits delivered at the end of the day. In today’s world, where every penny spent by the management is evaluated for ROI and the impact on environment, traditional solutions clearly do not make the cut. Today’s intelligent customer requires a building management solution, which does not cost a fortune, is easy to implement, supports remote management of assets and provides analytics to enable them to optimise the performance of assets, enhance the asset life and generate energy savings.

Aunoa filled the above void, by developing a range of wireless building management solutions, using cutting edge wireless technology and an equally dynamic software application to enable efficient asset management and drive down the high utility spends. Aunoa understands that every customer segment is unique, and has created bespoke engagement models, to suit their budget and needs. Aunoa believes in partnering with its customers, unlike a typical vendor who walks away after selling a product, and is willing to provide performance assurance by signing long term contracts.Aunoa has a proven track record of generating savings to its customer’s, wherein its solution recover the cost incurred in 12-24 months, a very short payback period.

Aunoa is an ISO 9001-2015, 45001-2018, 14001-2015,50001-2018 certified company, which demonstrates our commitment to quality, environment and process adherence.