Small measures that make for efficiently functioning malls!

The vast area of malls creates a unique challenge. One has energy consumption to consider, while accounting for indoor air quality, HVAC performance across retail units, theatres, restaurants across the premises. As malls see footfalls that number in thousands, monitoring power wastage is critical.

In this regard, Aunoa’s Wireless BMS solution helps in providing a comfortable ambience using intelligent monitoring & controls. It also provides centralized visibility of all the distributed sites. Additionally, malls can now monitor energy usage patterns of tenants and regulate them too.

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Aunoa with its Wireless Integrated BMS helps commercial buildings and offices in curbing energy losses, improving compliances, and automating asset management for building managers. It helps achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

The Aunoa Difference

Consistent monitoring and controlling of energy use

Enhanced comfort for occupants due to compliance in temperature and humidity

Predictive Maintenance driven by advanced AI/ML algorithm

All assets are managed centrally through the cloud

Centralized platform, driven by cloud to provide advanced analytics

Abnormalities in performance detected by automated alerts


Energy expenditure reduced up to 20%

Equipment breakdown minimized up to 25%

Comfort of visitors enhanced by 30%

Assets controlled on the basis of occupancy rates

Reduced asset downtime; enhanced longevity of assets through predictive maintenance

User-friendly, centralized dashboard to help monitor and control facility

Case Studies

HVAC Savings Of AmCorp Mall Malaysia

Aunoa keeps it simple. At a juncture where BMS is

HVAC Savings Of Orion Mall Panvel

Aunoa keeps it simple. At a juncture where BMS is


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