A shopping mall can save up to 11520 Kwh per annum on HVAC: Improve occupant experience & enhance operational efficiency

Mall, is designed to offer the best in shopping, retail and entertainment in the city. Spread over four levels that include a state of the art multiplex, a world class food court and cutting edge fashion options. Property consist of 4 Floors with 2 Basements covering an area of 2,92,423 Sqft. The common area comprises of 1,38,746 sqft.


  1. Seeking an automation solutions that improve operational efficiency.
  2. Saving energy & improving the facility’s carbon footprint.
  3. Remote Management capabilities

Aunoa Solutions

To provide an integrated solution for the areas of HVAC & Lighting in common area of Mall.

  1. Optimise and control HVAC system for common area.
  2. Lighting Management System for common area.
  3. Energy Management.

Analysis Of Savings

Parameter Monitored From 17/9/2019 to 26/9/2019 From 27/09/2019 to 4/10/2019
Average Chill Water Valve Actuator Opening 92.4% 63.0%
Average Chill Water Supply Temperature (0C) 11.6 9.5
Average Chill Water Return Temperature (0C) 15.5 17.0
Average Return Air Temperature (0C) 24-25 24-25
Average Supply Air Temperature (0C) 18-20 18-20
Average Power Consumption Of AHU Fan Motor (KWH) 1.3 1.0
Average TR Consumed Per Day 95.5 61.2
Total Electrical Energy Consumed By AHU Per Day (KWH) 92.0 60.0
Total Saving In Energy Per Day - 32.0
Percentage Savings in Electrical Energy Per Day - 34%

Statistics Of Monitored DataFrom 17/09/2019 to 26/09/ 2019 before Aunoa Solutions. From 27/09/2019 to 4/10/2019 after Aunoa Solutions


Directly reduced the electricity consumption cost by 34%

ROI Period < 18 Months.

Total Savings

Particulars Values
Savings per day in one AHU 32 KWH
Savings per day in one AHU Rs. 374
Savings per month in one AHU 960 KWH
Savings per month in one AHU Rs. 11,232
Savings per annum in one AHU 11,520 KWH
Savings per Annum in one AHU Rs. 1,34,784
Total Saving Per Annum Per AHU Rs. 1,34,784