Critical rooms monitoring to avoid asset downtime

As an industry that has come to define an entire era, IT/ITeS sector is also in a tremendous position to drive sustainability through its practices. This is partly due to the high-demand, high-output nature of the industry. However, the IT/ITeS sector is also in a great place to put in action innovative practices and lead sustainability initiatives. And the difference that saving valuable power makes to the bottom-line is an even greater consideration!

The internal environment is monitored 24X7, and data from power sources captured accurately and in real time. The facilities and their devices being 100% power dependent, Aunoa ensures that no downtime is allowed for. With predictive maintenance and consistent monitoring using metrics such as PUE (Power usage Effectiveness), Aunoa helps detect anomalies before uptime is impacted.

Come, take control of your building today!

Aunoa with its Wireless Integrated BMS helps commercial buildings and offices in curbing energy losses, improving compliances, and automating asset management for building managers. It helps achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

The Aunoa Advantage

Smart and centralized controls to monitor energy in real-time

Better risk management – safety parameters maintained consistently; abnormalities detected by monitoring data

Assets are consistently monitored, centrally. Data is made available through web-based dashboards

Predictive alerts ensure that equipment performs optimally

Abnormalities in performance detected by automated alerts

Automated digital ticketing system for closing issues efficiently


Improved and consistent monitoring of ambient temperature

Energy expenditure reduced up to 20%

Equipment breakdown minimized up to 25%

Reduced asset downtime; enhanced longevity of assets through predictive maintenance

User-friendly, centralized dashboard to help monitor and control facility

Automated alert system for early detection of hazards

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