A renowned hotel in india put an end to wastage of energy consumption by saving 15% – 20% through wireless solutions.

5 star hotel comprises of 2 basements, Ground plus 18 Floors has a total of 350 rooms and covers about 35925 sq. meters with more than 20,000 sq. ft. (1,900 sq. m) of versatile convention and event space and a sun-filled atrium lobby with water features and green landscaping. The hotel five interactive kitchens across a space of over 8,200 sq. ft. (842 sq. m).


A lack of preventive maintenance led to building inefficiencies, skyrocketing utility bills and comfort concerns. With energy and operating costs consuming more of its available funds, the Hotel sought a cost-effective way to make necessary improvements and reverse the downward spiral.

Aunoa Solutions

We have provided Wireless solutions for

  1. Wireless Electrical Mapping
  2. Wireless Chiller Management
  3. AHU
  4. TFA
  5. Exhaust & Ventilation fan management
  6. Wireless Water Management
  7. Wireless DG Management
  8. Wireless Gas Management
  9. Wireless Fire Management
  10. Wireless Cold room Management


Total Electricity Consumption of Hotel in Kwh

Total consumption of HVAC only

HVAC Consumption Per Day

Equipment Wise Savings


The Hotel tapped Aunoa Solutions for a facility optimization and Wireless Solutions which let the hotel tackle energy-efficient upgrades. The improvements saved the Hotel more than 1400 KWH per day within the first months alone, putting the Hotel on track to reach the payback term less than 18 Months

Particular Savings
Unit cost KWH Rs. 10
Savings per day 1425 Kwh Rs. 14,250
Savings per year Rs. 52,01,250


One time set up fees


  1. Average Savings 15 – 20%
  2. Operational Efficiency
  3. Centralized Monitoring & Control For Governance
  4. Better Customer Experience