Set standards for comfort.

With a metric for performance.

Comfort of the guests is the whole underlying idea of hospitality. It is thus imperative that every square inch of the facility is monitored and kept in good shape.

The answer to this lies beyond choice gourmet cuisine or soft mattresses. And you don’t have to walk every inch of your property to figure out the answer. It’s all in our dashboard. Aunoa’s solutions can be easily integrated into hotel management protocols that helps you control and supervise hotel’s operations. Our Wireless Building Management System helps you monitor power consumption across the premises – from freezers in the kitchen to common areas and from suites to ballroom. You can also view the historical graphs that aid your decision-making process and reduce resource wastage and subsequently costs.

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As quality is paramount in hospitality, keeping tab on proper functioning of all devices is essential. If it’s plugged into power, we have our eye on it!

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Come, take control of your building today!

Aunoa with its Wireless Integrated BMS helps commercial buildings and offices in curbing energy losses, improving compliances, and automating asset management for building managers. It helps achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

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The Aunoa Advantage

Smart and centralized controls to monitor energy in real-time

Monitors ambient temperature and humidity to ensure proper maintenance of at-risk items

Predictive Maintenance driven by advanced AI/ML algorithm

All assets are managed centrally through the cloud

Automated digital ticketing system for closing issues efficiently

Abnormalities in performance detected by automated alerts


Energy expenditure reduced up to 20%

Equipment breakdown minimized up to 25%

Enhanced safety for guests – healthier and comfortable ambience

Assets controlled on the basis of occupancy rates

Reduced interruptions in asset performance

User-friendly yet expansive dashboard to help monitor and control facility

Case Studies

HVAC Savings Of Four Points By Sheraton

Aunoa keeps it simple. At a juncture where BMS is


“The system has been quite useful for the hotel, particularly for the hotel’s engineering team in their day to day operations. The system has substantially eased out our operations and workmen/executives are able to concentrate on the other important tasks.”
Sanjiv U. KamatVivanta Goa – Miramar
“The dynamic dashboard and the remote monitoring facility with timely reports of utility consumption have been quite useful for engineering team in day to day operations and helps take preventive action for maintenance activities.”
Vivanta – Navi Mumbai

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