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More than any other commercial facility, a hospital has the social responsibility to be environmentally friendly* – after all, a healthier environment plays a crucial role in general health. Major healthcare centres now aim to reduce their carbon footprint and go green, to ensure better health for their patients. Yet, considering that hospitals are resource-intensive, and accounting for the amount of healthcare waste disposed, the task is easier said than done.

Aunoa’s expertise in LoRa Wireless BMS for Hospitals allows us to manage the hospital’s environment efficiently and deliver sustainable solutions.

Primarily, our engineering expertise assures that the hospital is operating at 100% efficiency. Critical factors like consumption of electricity and water, HVAC operating at 100% efficiency, overall indoor air quality and air pressure where required are monitored in real time. High ventilation rates and airflow in healthcare facilities have been shown to greatly reduce the transmission of airborne illnesses. This also has the benefit of reducing operational costs. Monitoring all the devices also gives control over disposal of healthcare wastes, which could be brought down where possible.

And all of this is achieved without creating major structural changes, thanks to the convenience of retrofitting LoRa Wireless BMS for Hospitals.

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*In India the commercial sector, which includes the healthcare sector, consumes 7.58% of the total electricity. According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India, the country generates approximately 1.48 million tons of healthcare waste per year 


Come, take control of your building today!

Aunoa with its Wireless Integrated BMS for Hospitals helps commercial buildings and offices in curbing energy losses, improving compliances, and automating asset management for building managers. It helps achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

The Aunoa Advantage

Enhanced comfort for patients due to compliance in temperature and humidity

Optimizing energy consumption through smart monitoring

Air quality of the interiors monitored constantly to ensure patients’ comfort and well-being

All assets are managed centrally through the cloud

Electrical safety parameters maintained consistently; abnormalities detected by monitoring data

Abnormalities in performance detected by automated alerts


Energy expenditure reduced up to 20%

Equipment breakdown minimized up to 25%

Maximized patient safety – healthier and comfortable ambience

Assets controlled on the basis of occupancy rates

User-friendly dashboard to monitor and control facilities with LoRa Wireless BMS for Hospitals

Reduced interruptions in asset performance

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