Hospital Energy Optimization: shows 15% - 20% energy saving through wireless solutions

Hospital is one of the leading hospitals of North Region. Its experts have treated 5 lakh+ patients 25+ specialties. It has a 74 bedded healthcare facility equipped with an endoscopy unit, Radiology and pathology diagnostics and other support specialties. Property comprises of 1 basements, Ground plus 3 Floors. Build up area of 32700 sq. meters.


During the detailed site audit, there were a number of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) identified:

  1. Manual Operation.
  2. Record Keeping & Data Analysis
  3. Difficulty in controlling AHU cooling load
  4. Optimizing investment cost
  5. Seeking out high performance in long run

Aunoa Solutions

To provide an integrated solution for Energy & Utility Management through Wireless Building Automation.

  1. Saving on energy Spend.
    1. Optimized operation and control of AHU Units.
    2. Efficient Operations.
  2. Real time Monitoring.
    1. Electrical Energy Mapping & Consumption Trends.
  3. Analytical Dashboard & Reports.
    1. YOY/MOM/QTQ data.
    2. Ideal v/s actual Consumption
    3. Other Customized reports

Energy Mapping

Total Electricity Consumption chart in Kwh





Hospital achieved saving of 15% – 20 % through Aunoa Wireless Solutions

Payback period is less than 18 months