A “Fine Dine” a Buffet Restaurant chain brand with restaurants across India. It offers the concept of WishGrill for a range of menu options.


High Energy Spend

  1. The current operational trend follows a continuous run of the AC equipment starting well before and also extending well beyond the Customer hours to shut down the unit.
  2. Manual operations of Kitchen Exhausts and Fresh Air Unit at full load throughout the day.
  3. Control AC temp setting respect with occupancy.

Aunoa Solutions

We have provided Wireless solutions for

  1. Ac – To optimize Kwh consumed Vs. Pax
  2. Gas management systems – consumption per Pax
  3. DG management systems – To monitor Efficiency /Pilferage
  4. Water management systems – To monitor wastage


Number of Pax- 2018 vs. 2019 (increase by 10%)

Observation YoY Occupancy Comparison

Utility Cost - 2018 vs. 2019 (reduce by 15%)

Observation YoY Occupancy Comparison

Cost Per Pax 2018 vs. 2019 (reduce by 15%)

Observation YoY Occupancy Comparison

Saving with Different Equipment


Savings per Restaurant for a Month

Total Pox in Jul 19 Rs. 12,438/-
Saving achieved per Pax in Jul 19 Rs. 4.34/-
Savings in INR Rs. 53,980/-

Aunoa could Reduce Energy cost per Pax by 15% even having 10% additional Pax

Payback Period is less than 18 Months