HVAC Savings Of Shree Sawan Knowledge Park

Case Study

Case Analysis


Tenants complaints of Over and Under Cooling
High HVAC consumption
Delay in billing for HVAC Consumption


Aunoa Smart Controls Module installed on all the HVAC equipment for Monitoring and Control

  • Saved Energy
  • No Tenant complaints
  • Reduced Billing Time

Highlights Savings HVAC Consumption

Reduction in complaints


Reduction in utility billing time


On Electricity Consumption


Shree Sawan Knowledge Park reduces Tenants cooling Complaints along with reduction in energy consumption of HVAC by saving 15% – 20% with reduction in utility billing time through Aunoa Smart control’s wireless utility management solutions.

Constant Tenant complaints for Over and under cooling of the offices. High HVAC energy consumption and delay in the billing due to manual operations of the HVAC equipment and data gathering for lead to unsatisfied tenants and higher cost of operations.


A detailed analysis was carried out and the below solutions had been provided and achieved 15% to 20 % savings on HVAC with Optimization on the Manpower on the operations front and real time monitoring and controlling of tenants office air conditioning with timely billing for the HVAC consumption.


Aunoa Wireless Utility Management was started in the month of November 2021 and completed in the span of just two months by end January 2022, the project consisted of Monitoring and Control of various High side and low side HVAC equipment along with Cooling load mapping for tenants.

Operation Before Aunoa Smart Control Wireless Building Management System

This HVAC consumption consisted of electrical energy consumed by:

  • Chiller System: Was operated on temperature requirement basis by manually changing the Set point of Chilled Water
  • Air Handling Unit: Turned ON and OFF manually, with constant temperature-based
  • BTU meters readings were taken manually
Operations After Aunoa Smart Control Wireless Building Management System

After Successful Commissioning of Aunoa Smart Control Wireless Building Management System

  • Tenants cooling complaints were reduced by using the Dynamic temperature setpoints as per the operation pattern of the tenants and over usage was put to stop by scheduling the tenants AHUs.
  • As the consumption of Cooling energy was reduced the electrical energy consumption of HVAC high side was also reduced.
  • The HVAC high side was operated completed in Auto without manual intervention.
  • Data from the BTU meters was collected on hourly basis and reports were generated on time for billing.


Reduction data gathering and billing time


Directly reduced the HVAC Electricity Consumption by 20%