HVAC Savings Of AmCorp Mall Malaysia

Case Study

Case Analysis


High HVAC Consumption


Aunoa Smart Controls Module installed on all the HVAC equipment for Monitoring and Control

  • Saved Energy
  • Reduced Cost

Highlights Savings HVAC Consumption

On Electricity Consumption



Units – 42800 kWh

Amcorp Mall which is located in Malaysia put an end to wastage of energy consumption of HVAC by saving 10% – 20% through Aunoa Smart control’s wireless utility management solutions.

Amcorp 23 yrs+ property located at KL, Malaysia comprises of a retail mall with 5-Floors, two commercial office towers of 18- floors each and a 27-floor tower comprising of business and residential serviced suites.


The mall had no operational building management system installed which lead to manual operation of all the HVAC utilities. Record Keeping & Data Analysis was getting difficult which lead to high engineering operating costs. This inability to monitor and control also gave rise to high electrical energy consumption by HVAC equipment. 

A detailed analysis was carried out and the below solutions had been provided and achieved 10% to 15% savings on HVAC with Optimization on the Manpower on the operations front.

Aunoa Wireless Utility Management was started in the month of August 2019 and completed in the span of just two months by end October 2019, the project consisted of Monitoring and Control of AHU which is a low side HVAC equipment and Energy Monitoring.

   The detailed list of equipment undertaken for Wireless Utility Management System is as follow.

Sr. No

Equipment Name


Monitoring and Control


Chilled Water Air Handling units


Conditions Before Aunoa Utility Management System

Before installation of Aunoa Wireless Utility Management System the electrical consumption was


Electrical Energy Consumption ( kWh)

Total HVAC Consumption ( Average Monthly)


This HVAC consumption consisted of electrical energy consumed by:

  1. Air Handling Unit: Turned ON and OFF manually, without temperature based control.
Conditions After Aunoa Utility Management System

After Successful Commissioning of Aunoa Utility Management System the HVAC was brought down to


Electrical Energy Consumption ( kWh)

Total HVAC Consumption (Average Monthly)


Generating a saving of 42800 kWh units which is 13% reduction in Electrical Consumption than previous year.

This Savings was achieved by

Air Handling Units : Turned ON and OFF by auto scheduling and with temperature based dynamic set-point control.


Less ROI period



Directly reduced the HVAC

Electricity Consumption by 13%