Fine dining

Case Study

A “Fine Dine” a Buffet Restaurant chain Brand with  restaurants across India. It offers the concept of Wish Grill for a range of menu options.


High Energy Spend
We have provided Wireless solutions for


Number of Pax- 2018 vs. 2019 – (increase by 10%)
Utility Cost - 2018 vs. 2019 – (reduce by 15%)
Cost Per Pax -2018 vs. 2019 – (reduce by 15%)
Saving with Different Equipment
Savings per Restaurant for a Month

Total Pox in Jul 19

– 12438

Saving achieved per Pax in Jul 19

Rs 4.34/-

Aunoa could Reduce Energy cost per Pax by 15% even having 10% additional Pax

Savings in INR                                         

Rs 53980/-

ROI: Payback less than 18 months