Centralized Real Time Monitoring

Case Study

Case Analysis


Low feasibility for conventional BMS
Unavailability of operation data for analysis and operation


Aunoa Smart Controls Module installed on all the HVAC equipment for Monitoring and Control

  • Real time monitoring and control low side HVAC equipment
  • Availability of logged operation data for analysis and operation
Centralized Real Time Monitoring and logging of all the parameters of the AHUs with timely Alerts
Manufacturing unit opts for Aunoa Smart Controls Wireless BMS system for real-time monitoring and control of Low side HVAC equipment and operation data analysis for optimization of utilities.

As a very largely spread property with multiple buildings for product manufacturing, there ia a very low feasibility of getting all the operational data at a single location using conventional BMS. With lack of logged data for analysis of the operational parameters the optimization of operations becomes difficult resulting in over usage of utilities.


A detailed analysis was carried out and the below solutions had been provided to provide a single location monitoring and logging of real time data. With option for control of the parameters.


Aunoa Smart Control Wireless BMS system was installed for low side HVAC equipment for monitoring with options to control the operational parameters  so as to analyze and optimize the operations so as to reduce the consumption of utilities resulting in reduced cost of operation.

Conditions Before Aunoa Utility Management System

This HVAC consumption consisted of electrical energy consumed by:

  1. Air Handling Units were Turned ON and OFF manually,
  2. They were operated with fixed setpoints temperature-based
  3. Only few operational parameters were being manually logged that too with higher time intervals.
  4. Centralized monitoring and control for the entire manufacturing was not available.
Conditions After Aunoa Utility Management System

After Successful Commissioning of Aunoa  Wireless Building Management System  for Low side HVAC

  1. Air Handling Units could be scheduled for operation remotely as per production plans.
  2. Real time alerts from the AHU were available.
  3. All the parameters were available in real time for monitoring along with logged data with smaller time intervals.
  4. Centralized monitoring and control for the entire manufacturing plant was available with out the need of laying long cables throughout the plant.
  5. Installation of the system was quick without any hinderance to the ongoing production activities in the plant.


Less ROI Period


Directly reduced the HVAC Electricity Consumption by 12%