Auto Billing System For Utility Consumption

Case Study

Case Analysis

Delay in Billing to Tenants
Aunoa Smart Controls installed for Electrical and BTU mapping
  • Reduced time in data collection and processing
  • Timely billing the tenants

Highlights Savings HVAC Consumption

Reduction in utility billing time


Increase in Data Accuracy
Prestige Atrium a Commercial complex in Bangaluru reduces the time for gathering and processing data by 95 %, resulting in timely billing for utilities.

Long time in gathering the data of consumption for electrical energy and cooling load (BTU) and then processing the gathered data for transmission losses along with and common area energy consumption for more than 50 tenants, resulted in delayed bill submission to tenants which lead to loss of time for revenue generation.


A detailed analysis was carried out and the below solutions had been provided and achieved 95 % reduction in data gathering and processing time with Optimization on the Manpower on the operations front and real time monitoring of the electrical energy and cooling load consumption.


Aunoa Wireless Auto Billing was started in the month of July 2022 and completed in the span of just a span of 20 days, the project consisted of mapping and monitoring of all the electrical energy meters and the BTU meters installed for tenants as well as for Common Area along with the DG fuel consumption.

Conditions Before and After Aunoa Smart Wireless Auto Billing System
  Before Manual Readings After Auto Mapping
Energy Meter BTU Meter Energy Meter BTU Meter
Reading Recurrence Everyday Once/Month Everyday Everyday
Total Quantity 58 42 58 42
Time for 1 meter reading 2 mins 3 mins 0 0
Total time for all meters /day 2 hours 3 hours 0 0
Time for data entry /day 1 hour 1 hour 0 0
Total man hours / month 90 hours 3 hours 0 0
Data Accuracy 98% 98% 100% 100%
Conditions After Aunoa Smart Wireless Auto Billing System

After Successful Commissioning of Aunoa Smart Wireless Auto Billing System the time for preparation of utility consumption reports was brought down to a few minutes. Ie the time taken for downloading reports.

List of customized reports generated:

  • Tenant electrical energy consumption report in KWh and INR along with transmission losses
  • HVAC cooling load consumption report in BTU and INR along with accessories consumption distribution.
  • Profit analysis report for Inflow and out flow comparison.


Reduction in Billing time


Reduction in data collection and processing time up to 95 %