Amcorp Mall reduced energy cost by 20 – 25% by integrating Aunoa’ s wireless building management system

Amcorp MallAmcorp Mall

Mall, is designed to offer the best in shopping, retail and entertainment in the city. Spread over four levels that include a state of the art multiplex, a world class food court and cutting edge fashion options. Property consist of 4 Floors with 2 Basements covering an area of 2, 92,423 Sqft. The common area comprises of 1, 38,746 sqft.


During the detailed site audit, there were a number of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) identified:

  1. Manual Operation.
  2. Record Keeping & Data Analysis
  3. High Controlling cost i.e. Energy and maintenance cost
  4. Difficulty in controlling AHU cooling load

Aunoa Solutions

To provide an integrated solution for the areas of HVAC & Lighting in common area of Mall.

  1. Wireless control for temperature set point and on/off through AHU Module
  2. Provide Actuator control through AHU Chill water coil.
  3. Provide solutions in chiller operating hour as per load.

Observations Electricity Consumption in Kwh (Month Wise)

Amcorp Mall Chart

Chiller KWH Consumption Savings Graph (Weekday Wise)

Electricity Kwh comparison – Mall (2018 vs. 2019)

Maximum Demand Comparison (2018 vs. 2019)

Total Savings

Total Savings in INR per Month: Rs 4 lacs


Aunoa Solutions helped Amcorp Mall in achieving its vision of a top notch facility with best in class products synchronised well within themselves that made the facility more comfortable, safe and energy efficient

Payback Period is less than 18 Months