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Sustainability, all the way.

Today, sustainability is seen as an ideal that organizations must aspire to, and rightly so. Yet the unceasing revenue, manpower and technology implementation demands seem to place the ideals on the backburner.

Well. The answer lies at the heart of your building!

It is when every single aspect of your building – from electricity resources, to HVAC to plumbing, and so forth – comes together as one to implement sustainability comprehensively, and save expenditure in the process.

We are Aunoa Solutions, a company that specializes in providing Wireless Building Management Systems (BMS) . Our solutions are designed for all major segments including Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing, IT/ITES, Malls & Retail and include automated solutions for HVAC, Chillers, DG Sets, Electricity, Cold Storage, Ventilation Systems, Lifts, Water Management, Fire Fighting & Gas. One of Aunoa’s standout features is the convenience of retrofitting Wireless BMS with your existing infrastructure. Discover how our engineering know-how, data mindset, technology expertise and the passion for better planet can make a difference for you.

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  • Commercial Facilities

    Aunoa helps sustain productivity while enabling sustainability too!

  • Hospitals

    Our engineering expertise assures that the hospital is operating at 100% efficiency.

  • Hotel

    Can be easily integrated into hotel management protocols and controls and supervises operations.

  • IT / ITES

    Aunoa does not allow for any downtime, while capturing data accurately and in real time.

  • Manufacturing

    Aunoa regulates excessive energy use and ensures that settings are adjusted.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Aunoa manages automation and control activities exemplarily.

  • Malls

    Aunoa helps provide a comfortable ambience using intelligent monitoring & controls.

  • Retail

    Aunoa maintains temperature compliance and asset health, facilitating digital workflows.

Wireless Building Management Systems Intellisense Dashboard

Making sense of your facility,

with IntelliSense

The IntelliSense Dashboard represents the complete control you retain over your facility. Aunoa’s idea of integrating all aspects of your facility, including power consumption, HVAC performance, air quality and more, are updated in real-time in the dashboard, all thanks to our advanced Wireless Building Management Systems.

Vigilance that never rests.

24 x 7

The Command Centre is one of Aunoa’s standout offerings. In keeping with our promise of delivering real-time data, we are ever vigilant while maintaining full data privacy.

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